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The Revolution in
home building
has arrived.

Australian homes have been built using essentially the same methods since Federation. Pour a concrete slab, put up a timber frame, add a roof and surround it with a facade, often hand laid bricks. Various trades then come to site to fit out the interior. These days, even a standard residential house can take the best part of a year to build. Not anymore! Elton Homes precision manufactures turn-key, residential houses, with fully equipped interiors and an enviable list of inclusions in 60 days or less.

Our way versus the old way

Fast - Precision built in 60 days
Consistency - Same building team week in, week out
Walls have high thermal rating making them energy efficient
Low Risk - No weather delays. No supply chain delays
Compliance – Certified by Independent QA
Customers love it

Builders use Elton for consistency and speed.

Meet our customers
“Using Elton made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations. Within minutes, we were building a production-ready home.”
Christine Xiao
Valued Customer
“I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the company for our houses.
Andrew Clinton
Valued Customer
“What can i say, Elton is the best"
Benjamin Stanley
Valued Customer
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